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San Luis Mission Trip - Caring Hearts Ministries

Three Rotarians, Michael Patsy, Carl Heinlein, and David O'Brien, from the Rotary Club of Cranberry Township - Sunrise, joined ten other missionaries with Caring Hearts Ministries to minister to the people of San Luis, Sonora, Mexico, December 26, 2010 - January 3, 2011.

Center for the Blind:  The group constructed the roof on a new Center for the Blind.  Young men from Oasis had laid the footer and put up the block before the group's arrival. Oasis is a boy's home for male Mexican teenagers. In addition to providing a home, it also has a trade school on campus. Oasis was built by a series of missionary groups through Caring Hearts Ministries in 2001 and 2002. 

Another group from Caring Hearts completed the Center for the Blind and it was dedicated by the Mayor in late January. Our club donated $1,000 to purchase materials for the reading room at the Center. 


Shut-Ins:  The mission group also ministered to shut-ins who are cared for by their family members. These families are not supported by government or volunteer groups throughout the year like they might be in the United States.

Brenda, age 27, suffered from a stroke. She is an uplifting spirit to be around. When we visited her she talked about a Christmas party that she missed because her ride did not arrive to pick her up. We invited and transported her to our New Year's Eve party, and she had a grand time with the children at Bethel Orphanage. 


Dump Ministry: This annual pilgrimage always includes a visit to the dump. The dump is as its name implies - a garbage dump. Refuge from the southern United States and Mexico is delivered to the dump. Thirty-six individuals were living at the dump when we made our visit. They make their living by recycling plastic, glass, etc., and earn $6 - $8 per week. We passed out beans and rice and personal hygiene items for the women.

Although most would expect the temperatures to be comfortable in Mexico, our highs were in the low 50's and the overnight lows were 33 or 34 degrees.


Feeding the Homeless: Led by Sister Inez, the Mother Theresa of San Luis, we fed the homeless on New Year's Day. Sister Inez is pictured feeding a blind man at the border. His family lives in the United States and he waits every day at the border for his family to come for him. Although he lives a hard life, he has a remarkable sense of humor.


Children of Bethel Orphanage: In the evenings, after our day's work was done, we enjoyed interacting with the children at Bethel Orphanage. Twenty-three years ago, Papa Harold from Caring Hearts Ministries in Monroeville, PA, made a pilgrimage to San Luis. While there, he found the orphanage in deplorable condition. The children were not being well cared for, and there were no showers or bathrooms. Now, because of Papa Harold and Caring Hearts Ministries, there are dormitories for the children, dormitories for missionaries, a church, laundry room, kitchen, apartments for the staff, a playgroup and a beautiful garden.


Tire House: The Tire House was built in November by another Caring Hearts group from St. Ferdinand's Mission Outreach in Cranberry Township, PA. The Tire House attracted a lot of attention with local media conducting interviews and asking if more of them could be built. The home keeps out the heat in the summer and the cold in the winter. Although not much by our standards, examine the next door neighbor's home in the last picture, and you will see a typical house in this neighborhood.


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